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Sopa Castellana (Castilian Soup)

Sopa Castellana is another great dish that makes use of stale bread.  It’s bursting with the flavours of Spain, from the warmth of the smoked paprika to the sweetness of the cured ham.  The poached egg gives it a protein boost and the soft creamy yoke is the perfect addition to this great supper dish. […]

Salmorejo – Chilled Tomato Soup

Salmorejo is a thick, creamy tomato soup served chilled.  It originates from Cordoba but is enjoyed throughout Andalucia.  I suppose you could say it’s quite similar to gazpacho but in my view it is far tastier and satisfying.  Salmorejo is more like an emulsion with a consitency similar to mayonnaise whereas gazpacho is thinner and […]

Broad Beans with Serrano Ham

In Spain this dish is known as “habas con jamón”.  During the spring season the markets are awash with broad beans.  How can anyone resist their meaty texture!  If I ever decided to become a vegetarian I think this dish would make a great meat substitute as the broad beans have the same protein content […]