I’m crazy about Spain and Spanish cuisine.  So crazy in fact that I decided to move to Spain at the height of an economic crisis.  The city of Granada in the region of Andalucia is now my home and I intend to learn as much about the culture and the cuisine as I possibly can.  I also want to share this journey with you and help you cook these amazing dishes by publishing easy to follow recipes on my blog.


Spanish cuisine, in my opinion, rivals any other European cuisine and is up there with French and Italian.  It’s understated, honest and hearty fare is packed full of flavours that are unique only to Spain.  The flavours encapsulate the climate and the landscape of the Iberian peninsula bringing together the wet, luscious lands of the north with the arrid yet bountiful lands of the south.

Food has an amazing ability to take us on a journey to another place from the comfort of our own home.  A spoonful of fabada instantly transports me to the mountains of Asturias filling my senses with the heady, smokey aromas of Asturian chorizo.   Just a slice of tortilla omelette smeared with garlic mayonnaise plonks me onto a bar stool in Cordoba during a hot summer’s day.  In fact, tortilla (also know as Spanish omelette) is the first recipe I am going to share with you.  It is a quintessentially Spanish dish, made from few ingredients yet when done properly tastes absolutely marvelous.  Click here to go to my recipes page…


  1. Fantastico!! to finally at last to have someone to listen, watch and share a mutual passion with you in situ in the wonderful region of Granada!!

    Bueno Bueno Bueno Mi amor xx

  2. Hi! I have just discovered your blog! I find it great! Congratulations!

    Some time ago we posted an article on tasting tapas in Granada. Here u are:


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You’ve made my day, a much needed antidote to a Monday morning!
      I’ve just read the article on your blog and I have to say that it gives such a great insight into the unique tapas culture here in Granada that spans not just the city but the whole province.
      I’m still discovering new places and dishes and I will continue to post new recipes on my blog. Stay tuned!

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